Volunteer in Detroit

Seeking Skilled Volunteers to Work with Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled is seeking to add a number of skilled volunteers to our team. See the job descriptions posted below and reach out to Sharnese Marshall, Director of Volunteer and Youth Engagement, at sharnese@liferemodeled.com with interest.

DIS Tenant Ambassador

Youth Sports Assistant

Nutrition Program Coordinator

Math Enrichment Coordinator

Fitness Coordinator

Literacy Enrichment Coordinator

DIS Recruitment Coordinator

2020 Project Update in Response to COVID-19

Many know Life Remodeled for our annual Six Day Project, where we mobilize 10,000 volunteers to beautify four square miles over six days. In response to COVID-19, we have spent hours listening to the needs of the Durfee/Central Community as well as our volunteer groups. Things are changing every day, and we will continue to listen attentively to ALL of our partners as we work together to best serve this amazing community!

We know the physical revitalization efforts of Life Remodeled’s volunteers will be needed in the Durfee/Central community more this year than any other time in our 10 year history. However, based on the information and feedback we have received, we will make significant changes in our 2020 strategy: The project will not take place in August, as previously planned, but later in 2020 (dates TBD). We will purposefully and intentionally engage far less than 10,000 volunteers. Additionally, we are exploring multiple scenarios in order to ensure an extremely safe and healthy project environment for all engaged community members and volunteers.

Grateful for your faith in our mission and patience in the process. Please stay tuned for more updates.