Trades Volunteers

If you are a tradesperson (or represent a construction company) and want to donate your talents to an amazing cause, you are in the right place! We are renovating a stunning vacant school building built in 1927, and turning it into a Community Innovation Center.  We need your help with:

  • Electrical: Replace outlets and switches throughout the building, wire new basketball systems (retractable backboards) in gym, run conduit for fire detection alarm throughout the building, wire for new elevator
  • Plumbing: Fix clogged toilets/urinals; install new toilets/urinals, and sinks; run gas line to kitchen
  • Flooring: Remove existing VCT in corridors, refinish hardwoods, law subfloor in rooms missing floors, lay new tile in bathrooms, lay new floor in Life Remodeled office
  • Painting: Sand, patch, prep and paint rooms
  • Concrete Repair: Patch locker room floors with concrete, repair exterior building stairs, build ADA ramps at 2 exits, repair terrazzo in corridors, repair concrete steps in stairwells
  • Drywall Installation/Repair: Build hallway partitions, build new office walls, repair damaged walls and ceilings
  • Wood Refinishing: Trim and paneling
  • Finish Carpentry: Repair wooden doors, replace trim, repair wooden panels, build and install new wooden panels on first floor hallway partitions
  • Glass Installation/Repair: Replace all window panes in auditorium, install glass in new Life Remodeled office, replace broken door/window glass
  • Gutter Repair: Minor repair on Durfee building

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