Desaree Cryor is a dedicated Life Remodeled volunteer.

Welcome to the Team: Desaree Cryor!

Welcome to the Team: Desaree Cryor!

Life Remodeled is delighted to announce the onboarding of the newest member of our team, Desaree Cryor! Desaree has been a long-time loyal volunteer with Life Remodeled’s Six Day Project, and now she will now be managing it alongside our Vice President of Projects and Community Engagement, Dwan Dandridge.

Desaree has been a volunteer with Life Remodeled on our Six Day Project for the past five years, leading the feeding of the 10,000+ volunteers who come to work on the project over the course of the week. Her responsibilities included overseeing the food servers, ordering the appropriate amount of supplies, coordinating set-up and takedown of the food areas, and much more.

Since being hired on as the Project Manager, her responsibilities have only deepened. Now, she manages a multitude of tasks, including: meeting with volunteer leaders prior to project week, working with the City of Detroit to make sure we have all appropriate permissions prior to project week, coordinating the assignment of all volunteer groups to their location and “project,” assisting with volunteer training prior to the project, coordinating and scheduling deliveries with vendors, set up and take down of equipment, and managing the inventory and return of equipment. As you can imagine, she’s a busy woman!

Prior to joining Life Remodeled, Desaree served in the United States Army from 1992-1996. She served two tours in Iraq as a sergeant first class: one tour from 2008 to 2009 and one tour from 2010 to 2011. During her first tour, she ran a detention prison camp and during her second tour her regime actively trained Iraqi soldiers. She has been in the U.S. Army Reserves since 1996.

What is unique about Desaree’s service with Life Remodeled is the sheer amount of people she has served  and the amount of time she has put into working on the Six Day Project. She is essential to keeping the Project running smoothly and has made an impact on each and every volunteer who works with Life Remodeled.

Please join us in welcoming Desaree to the team!